PauseMeNow is an Adobe Captivate widget which allows Captivate developers to pause a slide’s timeline at any point. You can even use multiple instances per slide, if you like.

This is an ActionScript 3 widget, which means it works in Captivate 5 projects and Captivate 4 projects which use AS3.

Update (3/13/11): I’ve released a new widget, PropertySetter, which contains the functionality of this widget and gives you control of many other parameters.


PauseMeNow is freeware. Donations are appreciated.


Version 1 (June 7, 2010) — Captivate 4 only
Version 2 (July 7, 2010) — Captivate 4 only
Version 3 (August 9, 2010) — Captivate 5 and 4


  1. Download the most recent release (see Releases, above).
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Read the README.txt (yeah, right!)
  4. Copy the SWF file to the Adobe Captivate Widgets folder.
    • Captivate 5 (Windows XP):
      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5\Gallery\Widgets
    • Captivate 5 (Mac OS X):
      /Applications/Adobe Captivate 5/Gallery/Widgets
    • Captivate 4 (Windows XP):
      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 4\Gallery\Widgets
  5. Enjoy!

Known Issues

  1. In Captivate 5, widgets only function properly if they are on the stage. If you widget is on the slide but off of the stage, in the pasteboard area, it will not function at all.
  2. In Captivate 5, if you have any visible flicker in published presentation, try setting the Alpha of the widget to zero.


Thanks to Tristan Ward of Infosemantics for developing the WidgetFactory API, which I’ve used for each version of this widget. Thanks also to the Adobe Captivate community for valuable feedback and publicity.

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