I’ve been playing bass guitar for over 20 years. I also play guitar and can make useful noises on many other instruments. Here’s some of that.

Current Projects

  • James, Not Jim is a site devoted to my bass-centric, instrumental music.
  • James, Not Jim — Bandcamp Site
    I’ve lately been migrating all my JNJ releases to Bandcamp. It makes everything easier to manage.
  • Bandography
    A rundown of bands I’ve played bass for over the years.

Things that Used to Occupy a Lot of My Time

    I developed, administer, and host a community site for bass players. There are forums, lessons, and interviews. It still gets a lot of traffic, but I don’t spend much time there.
    Online since 1997, Wheat’s BassBook, is my popular guide to playing the bass guitar.
    I host and wrote large portions of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) file for the usenet newsgroup.