1. I just feel compelled to say that I never understand what the hell you’re talking about when you post these — you could be writing in some dead language for all I know — but it goes without saying that, when we launch the revolution, I’m putting you in charge of all the tech stuff. So just keep up the good work and, you know, wait for my signal.

  2. This is a problem of my all-in approach to blogging. A reasonable man would have a separate blog for all this technical stuff and keep the kid pix, book updates, and armchair philosophical inquiry here. Good fences, after all, make good neighbors. As it is, I bore my literary friends with my geek stuff and bore my geek friends with my literary stuff. :)

    But, I wholeheartedly accept the offer as CTO of the Revolution! Viva la, something-or-other! This machine kills fascists!

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