ClosedCaptionsOn and ClosedCaptionsOff, are a pair of widgets for turning closed captions on and off at any point in a slide’s timeline. Use ClosedCaptionsOn at the beginning of the first slide of any project to ensure that your closed captioning efforts don’t go unnoticed. Use ClosedCaptionsOff to reclaim space at the bottom of your slide during narration-less portions of your demonstrations and simulations.

Update (3/13/11): I’ve released a new widget, PropertySetter, which contains the functionality of these widgets as well as giving you control of many other parameters.


Version 1 (6/09/10)
Version 2 (7/07/10)
Version 3 (8/10/10)


  1. Download the most recent release (see Releases, above).
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Read the README.txt (yeah, right!)
  4. Copy the SWF file to the Adobe Captivate Widgets folder.
    • Captivate 5 (Windows XP):
      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5\Gallery\Widgets
    • Captivate 5 (Mac OS X):
      /Applications/Adobe Captivate 5/Gallery/Widgets
    • Captivate 4:
      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 4\Gallery\Widgets
  5. Enjoy!

Known Issues

  1. In Captivate 5, widgets only function properly if they are on the stage. If your widget is on the slide but off of the stage, in the pasteboard area, it will not function at all.


Thanks to Tristan Ward of Infosemantics for developing the WidgetFactory API, which I’ve used for each version of this widget. Thanks also to the Adobe Captivate community for valuable feedback and publicity.


  • Hi James,

    This sounds like something I need. I’m using Captivate 5.

    A couple of questions:

    How would this interact with the cc button if closed captioning is enabled on the project skin? Should I disable the closed captioning button and control this solely using your widgets?


  • It plays nicely with the cc button on the play bar. Both control the same parameter. So I leave the playbar CC button visible.

  • Thank you! Works well.
    I use it on a generic intro slide we use. It tells about the functionallity of the Captivate playbar. When my cartoon guy points to “CC” I use your widget to turn on the CC and later off again. This way people that does not know what a Closed Caption is will be informed :-)

  • Geat application, Jens. Glad it’s helping you in your work. No sense putting in the hard work doing CCs if no one is going to notice them! Excellent idea.

  • Can you “push” text to the CC area? I have some flash that has audio embedded in it and I was wondering if I could “push” CC text to the CC area while the animation is playing “and” the user clicks the CC button.

  • I don’t know of any way to do it. The area were the CCs are written isn’t exposed to ActionScript in such a way that the text itself can be modified. You could fake it, of course, by creating a graphic or text box that looks like the CC area maybe showing/hiding that element. But both are beyond the scope of this widget.

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