This is where my dead software projects go. I’m not entirely sure why I want to keep them around. Nevertheless, here’s some info about projects I started and developed for a while but no longer maintain. These are mostly ancient. They taught me a lot, but they don’t reflect my current programming chops.

Wheatblog App

My first jump into blogging was via Blogger, way back before Google bought it. I liked the app a lot, but, after a week of really bad downtime, I decided to write my own blog app. This gave me an excuse to learn PHP and MySQL. And, because I was excited about the open source movement, I hosted it at SourceForge. It eventually attracted a few really talented developers, and the last version we put out (and the even better version, still in the CVS repository), was pretty good. But, during the time we were working on it, WordPress came to the fore, and we all got busy with other things. I transitioned my own blog to WordPress, and neither of the other developers blog these days. The last release was version 1.1 (7/30/2006).


Another early open source, PHP/MySQL app, Showlister was something I put together to help maintain the gig calendar of a band in which I was the bassist. For a time, it was popular, attracting all manner of bands, public speakers, fan sites, traveling preachers, and even some car club enthusiasts. As with WheatBlog App, I hosted it at SourceForge. And, as with WheatBlog App, the best version is the unreleased and still unfinished one in the CVS. The last release was version 0.5b (12/15/2004).

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