May 20, 2020

Thoughts on COVID-19

You wanna know what I think? Maybe something to balance out what you’re hearing from other quarters? Maybe you don’t. That’s fine. I’ve still got slap bass vids, and, if we’re friends on Facebook, dog pix, selections from the beer fridge, and nostalgic photos of my kid. And we don’t have to share politics 1:1 to be friends. But this really goes beyond politics, even though many politicians are capitalizing on it.

1. Wear a mask, when you go out, if social distancing is impossible. It’s not 100%, but there’s evidence to support that it’s helpful. It’s probably more helpful at protecting others from you than you from others. But, in times like these, it’s the sort of Pascal’s Wager worth taking. If it doesn’t help, at least you get to look like a bandit and talk to yourself without being noticed. And, if your resting face is a scowl anyway, it might win you some friends.

2. Stay home if you can, as much as you can. Order your food and groceries delivered as frequently as you can. Cook at home, if you can. Some can’t. My wife is in healthcare. She’s a pharmacist and has been working through this whole thing. She’s smarter than me. And you know what? She wears a mask.

3. Bill Gates, though he gave us Windows, which sucks, has, in his later years, become, along with his wife, a great philanthropist. He’s done a lot to make the world a better place. He has zero interest in micro-chipping you. You are likely reading this on a device that knows your GPS coordinates and what you like for breakfast. You’re being tracked, but, for the most part, so marketers can target you more effectively so that the businesses can sell you stuff. You buy stuff. So this is mostly, though creepy, a handy way to put you in touch with stuff to buy. We can take up the problems of capitalism, or billionaires, or advertising, if you like. But, given the current parameters, Bill is doing good in the world.

4. This is a global pandemic, not a Democratic conspiracy to defeat Trump in the fall. Trump will be defeated in the fall due to his own incompetence, so long as enough of my fellow Democrats get off their asses and vote.

5. Five is my favorite number. I like its S-like shape.

Photo credit: Thanks to Ani Kolleshi via Unsplash for the use of the photo.

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