July 27, 2009


I picked up a good tip somewhere on the interwebs about using domain names for branding and as a way to simplify your own life, via URL redirects. Apache makes this easy, you simply edit your .htaccess file and add a line like this:

Redirect /flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/wheat

Assuming the .htaccess file is at the top level of your website, you can now use something like wheatdesign.com/flickr to forward visitors to your profile page on the social networking site in question. This is handy, especially if you’re pimping something and want to keep your own URL front and center (on, say, print media). It also means you never have to wonder what URL scheme the site in question uses for profile pages.

I’ve set up several for wheatdesign.com and intend to set up the same for my other domains, as I can never decide which one should have precidence.

A note on style, you’ll want to resist the temptation to put trailing slashes on either the shortcut or the place where it redirects, as doing so will often confuse either Apache, or the service in question, or both.


  • A couple of things:

    1. In a few instances above, you wrote “DWF” instead of “DFW.” Unless, of course, you were specifically referring to the noted author and critic Dyslexic Wallace Foster, in which case, please ignore my presumptuousness; and

    2. Man, you’re just pouring gas on the fire so I’ll pick up Gravity’s Rainbow again, aren’t you?

  • OK, so a funny thing happened here: Somehow my browser scrolled down and I clicked “comments” under this post instead of “The Deep End of the Pool.” So please ignore my smartass joke about dyslexia, and refer my comment to the post above.

  • Thanks for the copy-editing. WordPress needs a plugin so that all my stuff goes into a queue for you before it goes live. It would save me some embarrassment. I am, I strongly believe, though I’ve never been officially diagnosed, a dyslexic. This sort of thing happens to me consistently and I honestly can’t see it sometimes. It’s strange, and infuriating.

    I don’t know if I could hack Gravity’s Rainbow. Pychon to see seems like a writer who really speaks to people a generation older than me. I’ve only taken one stab at him and didn’t make it very far. But I suppose that one has to be on the list. Are you still interested in giving DeLillo’s big book a run? It’s that or I head back to Don Quixote (assuming I ever finish Infinite Jest).

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