Ableton Live Wallpaper, for your pleasure

I couldn’t find a decent Ableton Live wallpaper for my laptop, so I made one. It’s designed for 1024×768 monitor resolutions (a click takes you to Flickr, where you can download a copy):

Ableton Live 6 wallpaper

The idea here is to remind myself, every time that I sit down at my computer, that I should be recording/creating some music instead of whatever it is that I think, at the moment, is more important. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: this is purely a fan creation. It doesn’t imply any sort of endorsement relationship between Ableton and yours truly (though, if anyone at Ableton wants to discuss an endorsement deal, I’m all ears). It only signifies that I really like their software, and I’m really glad that Steve turned me onto it. I doubt they’ll have a problem with me spreading the word about how amazing their software is, but who knows. Consider this a preemptive strike at their lawyers. And feel free to insert you own sad commentary on how litigious our society has become.