Big, scary site migration in my future…

My hosting provider,, has finally finished their long-awaited migration to a new hosting setup. Those of us who use their “shared server” (ss) hosting plans will now have to migrate to their new “grid server” (gs) plans.

TechCrunch had the story earlier this week. I’m still waiting for an email from (mt) announcing the big sea change!

There’s no additional charge (there’s some sort of “grid server lite” version for those of us who are already hosting with them), and the new goodies (Ruby on Rails, PHP without “safe mode” restrictions, true multiple domain hosting) are worth the trouble. But, as with anything in computing, there’s some necessary ground work to do and stuff is sure to break. So I need to set aside a long weekend and I’m going into it assuming things will screw up (so I can be pleasantly surprised if they don’t). So I hope I can find the time to back everything up and initiate my own migration before (mt) shoves me over to the new platform by force.