I’m thinking I might add iCalendar support to the next version of showlister. So I’ve been doing a little research on the format, and on ways to make it happen in php.
If you’ve been checking your logs (or your “unknown recipients” in knowspam), you will have noticed (ooh, look at that fancy-schmancy use of the future perfect tense) the latest spam craze. Spammers, knowing that most domains have default addresses where unknown usernames (e.g. moby@wheatdesign.com) get routed, have been sending out spam addressed to every common name under the sun, appended to any given domain name. So, for example, knowspam has successfully blocked emails from andrew, bob, bill, brent, claudia, dan, debby, george, jane, jerry, jim, jimmy, and about a million other folks who don’t live at wheatdesign.com. Just one more example of how unchecked profit motive leads to exploitation: in this case, of bandwidth, server processes, and my patience.