My nextdoor neighbors recently received a financial windfall, so they bought a house and have been giving away things they no longer need. Thanks to that, I picked up this cool countertop dishwasher, which is really quite amazing. I used it for the first time last night. I’ve only had a dishwasher once in my life, and that was during the brief time Gina and I lived in Philly.
The landlord’s repair guy came by and fixed my living room air conditioner, so now I can venture out from the bedroom and into the rest of the house. They also fixed my kitchen faucette (I only mentioned it and the air conditioner being broken yesterday) and installed a new sink basin and faucette in the bathroom. Pretty good turn around time, I’d say.
Read a good article in this month’s Linux Journal that makes me want to try out the Ice Window Manager. One of the things I liked most about KDE 1 is that it wasn’t sluggish at all on a 200 mhz PC. Well, the same can’t be said for KDE 2 (and I haven’t tried KDE 3 yet). I actively disliked Gnome, but Gnome 2 is really nice and noticably faster than KDE 2 on a 200 mhz machine (Is it just me, or has KDE gotten gaudier and gaudier in the past two versions?). After I get some more hard drive space, I think I’m going to dual boot my laptop (it’s 400 Mhz, so I should be able to run whatever window manager/desktop environment I want, but why waste resources if something smaller is also better?).
I admit it: I try to avoid the news. The whole fetish the media has going with car wrecks and natural disasters doesn’t amuse me. And I don’t feel more “informed” for being abreast of them. Once in a while, I pull my head from the sand and blink in amazement at the lastest events. I caught this article by Charlie Reese that comes close to summing up my own views on the latest pro/anti war debate, inasmuch as I understand it (I was in favor, BTW, of the Afganistan/Taliban effort, but I don’t think you can use that as carte blanc to turn on all your other enemies. Are we going to invade China next?).
Caught this cool musical called Contact last night on pbs.