Movie update (past two weeks or so, in reverse order): The Shipping News, Monster’s Ball, Black Hawk Down, Pay it Forward, The Bourne Identity, and Minority Report. Everything in that group was worthwhile except Black Hawk Down (I really thought Ridley Scott could do something with it, but he didn’t. It’s a big, cliche, Hollywood war movie) and Pay it Forward (which starts out fairly good but then takes a nose dive into sentimentality and melodrama). The Shipping News is a nice little drama with good acting and a good story. Monster’s Ball is a heavier drama with fine acting as well. Minority Report is a solid sci-fi flick. And The Bourne Identity is a solid action flick (you wouldn’t think of Matt Damon in this sort of role, but he pulls it off magnificently).
Vicki was in town the weekend before last and jumpstarted this recent movie-going kick by treating me to Minority Report and The Bourne Identity. Shouts out, as the kids say, to you Vicki. I know you read this from time to time.