April archives are up (at long last). Just bought Peter van der Linden’s Just Java 2 (fifth edition–for v1.4 of the JDK). Looking forward to devouring it.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, when I was just beginning to learn PHP and MySQL (and when I was getting fairly frustrated with outages at blogger), I rolled the beta of a web journaling system and, due to a momentary lack of creativity or a desire to obfuscate, dubbed it WheatBlog (which, the savy reader will notice, is also the name of the blog you’re currently reading).
Time passed, as is its nature. WheatBlog languished. But recently, changes have been underfoot. I’d been thinking about rewriting WheatBlog from scratch. There were some fundamental things I wanted to change (like using htaccess for authentication instead of the custom–and probably woefully insecure–method that I devised, like using a truly relational database structure, like adding title s to posts and simple ways to query the archives, like doing most everything with custom functions). And, not a few days later, I got an email from this guy, who’s been using his own souped up version of the WheatBlog code to run the news section of his own site. He requested to be added to the development team, which was cool by me.
So, there’s no big news to report as of yet, but I’m fairly stoked to have some help on the WheatBlog project. And I think it might be fun to work on it again. I haven’t had a coding hobby project in a while, so it’ll be good.