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At the request of two of my bandmates, I reworked the color scheme on the Nancy site. I also created a nice ad (I’m assuming it’s going to be for the web, but I also worked up a print version) for the Solace Kid disc. I’m going to eventually incorporate a style switcher, so you can choose the old scheme (which I still like) and a printer-friendly one (as this new scheme uses a lot of white and probably won’t print out very well). I have two other sites to work on today and I’m meeting for the second time with my new client. Add in the regular weekend house cleaning chores and it’s going to be a busy day (at least the weather is beautiful; that helps).
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Two quick site notes: the archives for 02/2002 currently produce an error, but this will be fixed as soon as March 1 arrives. The error has to do with the limitations of Blogger, which gives you one header file for your posts and your archives. So I have to go in an manually add three lines of PHP at the top and bottom of each archive file. And since the archives get overwritten every time you post, there’s no need fixing it until February is over (since, after that, it will be a complete archive and won’t get overwritten ever again). Also, the comment windows look odd. The code for them was mangled a bit during a site upgrade that my hosting company performed. But they still work. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the window and post as you normally would. After the first post is published, the display glitch disapears. So feel free to comment. And as soon as I have time to read through that code, I’ll fix it (and fix it so that the color scheme matches your preference).
file under > in dreams begin responsibilities:
I’ve been dreaming of renting a small studio space once my wife and I relocate to Little Rock (ETA: fall 2003). If I can pull that off, Wheatdesign will have a street address as well as a virtual one. I’m so excited about it, I actually drew up a floor plan. I only need a small space (maybe 200sf). And I don’t care much where it is as long as the neighborhood is safe. Dare to dream…

I’ll give any of you pointy-headed literary types ten bonus points if you can identify (from your own memory, not the Google cache file) the author of the short story I allude to in the title of this post.