Nancy played a show at Hendrix University in Conway, Arkansas over the weekend. Sean has been teaching there at the Arkansas Governer’s School, a cool summer program that’s been going on for over 20 years now. It’s geared toward high school students. They come and live on campus for several weeks and take classes. They were a great audience (unjaded, completely into it). It was worth the three-hour drive.

The Tares are going through some profound changes. They’re moving to Austin, TX, but the current rhythm section isn’t going with them, so they’re forming a new one down there (they’ve already recruted an excelent bassist and have will find a drummer). Their last Fayetteville show will be August 9th (at Powerhouse) or July 28th (if you’re like me and prefer JR’s). Their last show with this lineup will be August 10th at Sticky Fingerz in Little Rock. I’m going to try to make as manyof these as I can and you should too. As far as I know, I’ll still be managing their website even after the move.

TechCamp 2001 starts tomorow. I’m ready to roll and will be teaching a brief segment on PowerPoint 2000 and a longer one on Flash 5. I’m looking forward to it.