Yesterday was an up and down day. Until noon, I was feeling fairly triumphant. But the afternoon was filled with dissapointments and tedium. Oh well. On the up side, I’ve found more interesting sites on the web lately than I could even hope to mention here. The web may be going through a tough time as a money-making vehicle, but it’s only getting better as a reference work, news resource, and entertainment room. The reports of the “death of content” have been greatly exagerated.
In my spare time, I finished up a little polling script in PHP/MySQL. I’m going to add some more features so it can be easily altered. But the functionality is there and I’m going to create a poll for the Nancy site (which had been using a “free” one with lots of adds). I need to roll a simple guestbook script as well, for the Nancy site and for The Tares, since the Perl/CGI one won’t work on the new server.
Thanks to feeplan, I may finally get to have some work done on my teeth (actually, my gums). I wince to even think about it. But it has to be done, and I’ve been putting it off long enough.