I’m updating my virus definitions. Recent events have taught me the importance of doing this. I actually came up here (I’m at the office) in order to grab my Norton Antivirus CD, but I think it’s atually at home. No problem. I needed to burn some discs anyway, and this is the only place with a CD-burner that I have access to (to which I have access?).

Norton says my Dell is now safe and sound.

Betty came to town this weekend so Gina and I had lunch with her, my sister Linda, her husband Kevin, and their two kids Kristen and Kelsey. It had it’s moments but overall was considerably less fun than visiting my sister last week. I like my nieces, but I don’t really approve of my sister’s parenting techniques (and for the way my nieces exploit them to their own advantage). As for Betty, she’s trying to be friendly but I still resent her for not wanting to take any interest in my life for the last three years. I sincerely think she only talks to me due to guilt.