Slow day. Most everyone has been out of the office. I’ve been tooling away on little projects. David is working on getting lithe.uark.edu back up. It’s probably live by now, and if you hit it you’ll get redirected to ubets.uark.edu. Our goal is to get the latest server software going on lithe. We already have the latest Red Hat running and the latest Apache. Now we need the new MySQL and PHP and things will be swell.

After much poking around the network control panel and cursing of microsoft’s user interface, David and I managed to get the new lab workstations to map remote shares on the server as local drives (like the others in the lab and my laptop already do). David told me with some pride that the new 933 Mhz Win32 boxes are still not as fast as our beloved G4 (which runs at 500 Mhz or something like that). Just goes to show you that processor clock speed isn’t everything.

I’m eager to get to work on my PHP chops again. We have PHP on the ubets box, but isn’t not compiled with support for MySQL (due to an incompatibility with the version of Apache we’re running on ubets). So this new install, on lithe, will have the database connectivity ready to roll from the start.

Here’s a tip: if you need to download quicktime or a macromedia free trial, grab it from download.com instead of to the actual sites. This saves you from having to deal with the slowness of apple’s server and those stupid surveys at macromedia.com.