July 13, 2000

Long Day

Today was a long day. I worked exclusively with PHP and MySQL. I learned a ton of things, but I still have a lot of work to do. My main problem today was that I couldn’t get PHP (3.0.12) to “see” MySQL. The only database program it would recognize is PostgreSQL (yuk!). So I downloaded PHP4, but I haven’t installed it yet. I’m waiting for some feedback from some usenet gurus. I don’t want to screw up everything I already have going on with Apache.

So, after struggling with that issue a bit and reading up on MySQL and PHP, I finally decided to start screwing with MySQL at the command line (since I need to learn SQL). I hate to admit it (since it really shows my geek) but it was fun messing with it. SQL is a lot more intuitive that its name would imply.

Steve is on net-fast this weekend, so I’ll try to be human as well and stay offline (there are other things in life, if memory serves me correctly).

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