New year, new host

I finally got my fill of Dreamhost. I’m in the middle of moving all my sites over to So far, I’ve migrated,, and, if you’re reading this,

There are still several more sites to go, but I haven’t had any major issues yet. Most of the remaining sites will be easy. The two exceptions will probably be (since it runs on Drupal) and, since it is old, full of cruft, and mostly held together by htaccess redirects. In fact, now would be a good time for spring cleaning, but I want everything up and running on the new servers before I turn out the lights at Dreamhost.

I’ll go into the reasons behind my hosting switch in another post. I just wanted to put this one up to test thing and to alert you to any outages.

Update, 11/07/2010:

I’ve been with A2 the better part of a year now, and I haven’t had any issues with them at all. My sites are up, performance has been very good, and the price is right. If you’re looking for a web host, I recommend them:

If you are using A2hosting to host any of your sites, feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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