I do some programming as part of my day job and, on occasion, for hobby, volunteer, and freelance projects. Most of that never ends up here. Lately, I’ve been working on learning React Native so I can do some cross-platform mobile application development. I’m most experienced in PHP, JavaScript, and Python, but I’ve spent some time with a wide variety of languages, including C, Java, VBA, ActionScript, Objective-C, Swift, Perl, Ruby, and others going all the way back to Atari BASIC and Tandy BASIC.

Legacy Software

Adobe Captivate Widgets

Widgets are extensions to Adobe Captivate developed using Adobe Flash and its ActionScript programming language. I develop mine in ActionScript 3 (AS3) using Tristan Ward’s excellent WidgetFactory API, from Infosemantics. If you’re interested in Captivate widgets, you should also check out these widget developers:,, and

My Widgets

PHP/MySQL Solutions

  • Cp2DB
    A solution for capturing quiz data from Adobe Captivate 4 projects without resorting to an LMS.