is Dead, Long Live

A long time ago, I used to spend quite a bit of my online time at a site called ActiveBass. Their forum was a friendly place, and I met many people there who are good online friends to this day. At one point, certain admins on ActiveBass started exerting too heavy a hand for my tastes, so I created as an alternative. For a little while, that site absorbed quite a bit of my time and was a fun adventure into managing a large online forum, administering Drupal, and many other things besides.

It died. I ran out of time to maintain it. It sat for a long time because there were some good interviews and other content there. Then the spammers came. Drupal, it turns out, was a platform choice that required more time to administer than I had to give. So, rather than jump through the hoops to bring it up to the latest version, I decided to take it down. Being somewhat nostalgic, that wasn’t the easiest decision, but I think it’s for the best.

I’ll eventually bring some of the better content here (or somewhere), so people can continue to enjoy it. To those of you who enjoyed it and helped make it a great place to be, I thank you.