Fun with Google Analytics

I don’t blog as much as I once did. Social media sites provide me with quicker ways to interact with a more targeted group of friends/followers/whatever-you-want-to-call-them. Plus, let’s face it, rattling off a tweet or a Facebook post is a quicker and easier path to the endorphine hit of computer-mediated human interaction than composing a blog post. My contributions on Facebook and Twitter are, like most people’s, brief and informal. In a very profound way, social media has brought to the rest of the world what blogging brought to a very small subset of internet users back in the day. And that’s a good thing, ultimately. While the signal-to-noise ratio is worse, there are clear benefits to having more people at the party.

Though the way I run Wheatblog would surely give SEO and social media expert the willies, I do occasionally delve into things that site owners generally should care about, like Google Analytics. A quick dive into the site statistics for, for the past month, reveals some interesting things, to wit:

  • The most popular language among visitors is US English (81.98%). No surprise there.
  • The most popular Country/Territory is the US (51.75%). The UK comes in second (9.74%).
  • The most popular city (a new category in Analytics) is London (3.76%). I’m considering “Friend of the British People” as a new tag line.
That’s demographics. Let’s move on to gear:
  • The most popular browser among visitors is Internet Explorer (48.78%). But it only accounts for about half of visitors. Chrome (23.82%), Firefox (21.34%), and Safari (2.29%) round out the top four. This is quite a big change from years past, where IE ruled supreme before being seriously challenged by Firefox. As you can see, Chrome is now IE’s biggest contendor, but Firefox is still holding a nice share of the market.
  • Most of you are still running Windows (92.87%). You poor bastards. I can only assume you’re surfing from workplaces where you have no control over your own destiny. Fellow drinkers of the Apple Macintosh Kool-Aid come in second (4.29%).
  • As for mobile platforms, most of you are surfing via an iOS device (58.98% of mobile devices, 1.02% overall). Android users account for 41.03% of mobile devices, 0.71% overall.

And what do all you fine people want to know? Or, to put it more bluntly, why did Google send you here?

So, there you have it. Based on my quick trip through Google Analytics, I ought to devote a lot more of my time to answering Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access questions (that’s called “targeting”). And I should put banner adds everywhere so I can “convert” those interactions into cold, hard cash. Maybe I’ll do that. Or, then again, maybe I won’t.