A Change is Gonna Come

Possible titles for this post that were considered but rejected:


  • “In your face, McCain”:  Lacks class.  Sore winners are almost as insufferable as sore losers.  McCain’s consession speach was, after all, surprisingly magnanimous.  And it would be unintentionally ironic to embrase the sort of partisan divisiveness that Obama himself has been preaching against, these past two years.  
  • “The Day After”:  Nice cultural reference to the 1980s post-apocalyptic cold war movie.  But, as I’m of the opinion that Obama’s presidency will be a good thing for the country, the resonance is all wrong.  If you’re a conservative blogger, feel free to use it.  
  • “Yes. We. Can.”:  Entirely too obvious.  And the full-stop-as-stylistic-device thing is. getting. old.  
  • “So, how will Fox News spin this?”:  A relevant question, as the talking heads there were surprisingly congratulatory last night (in the little bits I caught as I clicked past them).  But, I sometimes think the best course of action with the Fox News is to ignore it as completely irrelevant–as one does with flat earthers and alien abductees–and hope that it withers away.  
  • “The times, they are a-changin'”:  Even more obvious than the others.    
I finally went with the Sam Cooke reference, as its a good song and asserts hope for a brighter future–a trick that it manages without irony or cynicism.  Having your candidate-of-choice elected to the presidency isn’t a magic bullet, of course.  There will be a lot of struggles ahead.  But it certainly does make the skys seem a little brighter today, despite the dreary weather.