Selling freedom down the river

Evidently, “cooperation” means rolling over backwards.  The Democratic/Republican “compromise,” which passed the House today and is on its way to the Senate, grant retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies that engaged in warrantless, unconstitutional spying, at the behest of the Bush administration.  The bill in question is “The FISA Amendments Act” (H.R. 6304).  

This is one of several efforts to give a get-out-of-jail-free card to the White House and the telecommunications companies.  But, this time, it is the Democrats who are trying to slip it past a sleepy public on a slow news day.  

It’s too late to contact your congressional representative (unless you just want to vent spleen).  But you can still contact your Senator.  And keep this one in mind, come November.   

Update:  Glenn Greenwald’s commentary on the situation.