Thirty-eight Orbits

I didn’t take the time to blog my birthday this year. I couldn’t think of anything to say other than the obvious (“yo, it’s my frickin birthday”). I updated my weird little universe via FaceBook, Twitter, and Google Talk status messages. And I got quite a few feel-good comments via those channels, which was nice.

Today, finally catching up on my feeds, I found this nice birthday tribute from Kat. Which leaves me thinking “aw, shucks, man” and wanting desperately to be in Hot Springs with a chilled six pack at the ready.

I wanted to give some quick thanks to everyone who passed on birthday wishes, phone calls, cards, and gifts. Specifically: Gina, Haden, Vicki, Sonja, Tom, Gary, Jarod, Shauna, Lisa, Donna, Kendall, Kristen, Kelsey, Debbie, Ed, Jack, Mr. Hall, Andy, Alun, and Megan. I think that’s everyone (though, sure as I say that, I’ve missed someone).

It was a good one. Gina and I caught a movie, ate some cake, and basked in our continued good fortune. Thanks to all of you. Number thirty-eight was a good one.