The party of stupid

Today’s Krugman is not to be missed:  “Know-Nothing Politics.”  The term “anti-intellectualism” covers the same ground, but it probably has too many syllables for the people who need to understand it.  Though his words be immediately taken out of context (hell, I’ve done it in the title of this post), the point isn’t that Republicans are stupid.  The point is that the Republican party has earned a lot of political clout by repeatedly asserting that every problem has an overtly simple solution and that thinking things through is both effeminate and ineffective (you could extrapolate this to politicians in general, but it’s currently the stock-in-trade of the GOP).  BushCo’s reign of error has certainly shown the flaw in that “logic.”  But that doesn’t seem to shake people’s faith in the (toxic) idea.   


  1. Why don’t we just cut through the BS and say Republicans are stupid? Oh, yeah . . . let me think this through. Yep, they’re stupid.

  2. Writing an article about how those who disagree with you simply don’t think is nothing but an exercise in self-congratulations. Hacks for both parties do it, and all involved ignore all the evidence that those in their own chosen party don’t think anymore than anyone else. I wish I had a nickle for every writer or talking-head show guest I’ve heard go down this path.

    The GOP’s chants of “Drill here!” are at least as well thought out as “Change!!!” and “Hope!” that we’re hearing from Obama’s supporters.

  3. I think it’s more about the pride the GOP hacks seem to take in not thinking (watch Glenn Beck for an evening. You can feel your IQ lowering). It’s almost as if they suspect that thinking is some recipe for error. There’s a palpable lack of nuance in GOP rhetoric. And, though they have no lock on sloppy thinking, I think that’s qualitatively different than what you get on the other side of the isle.

    I don’t see anything wrong with change or hope. And I think Obama has put forth some concrete proposals for realizing those big, vague ideals. On the other hand, I don’t think the McCain camp has put forth anything other than fear, uncertainty, and doubt concerning the current energy crisis. And their plan to stay the course in Iraq/Afghanistan is disastrous.

  4. I guess I haven’t seen that pride, and I know a lot of GOPers. They’re usually busy complaining about the Dems pride in putting feeling over logic. It’s all the pot calling the kettle black, and vice versa.

    My point is this article could be written, and has been written, 1000 times before from someone from either side of the aisle. And I believe both sides ignore their own guilt of the same sin.

    I’m no McCain supporter, but he’s no more guilty of utilizing fear than BO is. I’ve
    seen them both do it on the same show.

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